Companies – Events

Photo service for Companies

Make your event unforgettable for your participants.

(Mobile laboratory up to 1500 photos per hour; photo exhibition of your event photos)

Service for participants:

  • Mobile photo studio with matching decoration – lasting memory of the event
  • Welcome photos
  • Table photos
  • Friends and family photos
  • On-site editing and printing of photos
  • On-site ordering
  • Ordering via web shop
  • On-site sale of photos during the event

Service for you as organizer:

  • Advertising for you with the integration of your company logo in the photos
  • Event documentation
  • Preparation of press photos
  • Service for your participants –remembrance of your event
  • Possibility of a ladies`/men`s/ guest gift with lasting memory
  • There are several photographers available

(Photo exhibition, mobile photo studio, shooting with the Christ child)

What is the value of this service?

There are different models. Starting with a general acceptance of the organizer over cost contributions up to a free service. It always depends on your needs.