Recording of media from the past!

Do not just archive your memories in your head!

You have archived your family history on VHS, narrow films, slides or camera cassettes. Your favourite music saved on MC, LP or tape. These old media are only partially durable for decades and unfortunately very often they lose their quality, if not their uselessness. Some players are also no longer available.

Your sensitive and very personals data carriers remain GURANTEED only in our house and are processed in our own laboratory. Confidentially is a matter of course.

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In order to make it easier for you to save and archive your memories from days gone by, we have set up reception and advice centres for you at partner companies.

Exclusion of liability

We assume no liability for equipment or materials provides to us. In case of loss and/or damage of the materials handed over to us for post – processing (video cassettes, slides, etc.)

Our liability for damage shall be limited to the replacement of raw material to the extent of the damage. Or lost material. As a master of principle, no liability is assumed for consequential damages. By placing the order, the client declares that he is responsible for all copyrights, coping rights and right of use- has authorizations. The client shall indemnify and hold our company harmless against the claims of third parties and shall be liable for the acquisition of any use or liability. Benefit protection rights.