Aerial Photographs

Fascinating shots with multirotorcopter drone

The use of multirotorcopter, also known as drone, opens up new possibilities for taking photographs and filming

I am an Austrocontrol certified pilot!

Due to the certification by Austrocontrol (Austrian Aviation authority), we are entitled to fly drones and take aerial photographs. Furthermore, we have more than 35 years of experience in  the control of flight models

The conditions and authorisations vary depending on the location. Please inquire in advance if you are interested in an aerial photograph

Our main area of application is:

  • detection of young game
  • Landscapes
  • Recording of groups
  • Archaeological aerial photographs
  • Exterior images of buildings/objects
  • Recording of progress on constriction site

Package price € 150,-

First 30 min flight time € 90,-

Travel costs depend on location

In addition to flight and recording values, additional costs for flight authorization and copyright can apply.